Careers (Archive 9/17)

Your Future is Ours..

“At Madison Hunter, we are committed to providing an environment in which our Real Estate Professionals and Staff can take pride in developing their careers as they build a company and make it their own.” Most real estate companies are content with an Agent relationship where the Agent simply generates commission dollars only. With those companies you are only as good as your last commission check. Encouraging and assisting you in becoming financially secure so you can someday retire, is typically absent from their list of objectives. We at Madison Hunter take an active part in helping you to develop a “road map” to address issues such as retirement, college tuition, and even unexpected interruptions in your business. We have developed a comprehensive program to reward our Agents for their part in building the company. We believe in sharing success with those who create it, we believe that every Agent and Staff Member should have a stake in the company. Additionally, we have an exciting program designed to provide “residual” income even after you leave the business. Madison Hunter is dedicated to the success of your real estate career. Through our excellent Agent training program, on-going “skill sessions”, national trainers, tuition reimbursement programs and more, we are committed to having you succeed.

Resounding Value...

Agents are encouraged to provide added value to every transaction by including one or more of the following to their service repertoire:

  • Home Staging
  • De- Cluttering
  • Moving Expenses
  • Home Security Systems
  • Re-Key and Lock Services
  • Garden and Landscaping Services
  • Other Home Sales Preparation Services

Madison Hunter has established relationships with select Companies who provide all of the services listed above at special rates to our Agents. Because relationships with our clients do not end with the sale, we provide our sales professionals with the tools and resources needed in order to stay in touch and service their clients for life...